🧗‍♀️Breathtaking experience at SAI 2024! 🏞️

🧗‍♀️SAI 2024 (Wild Environment Rescue) 🏞️

The sixteenth edition of SAI (Wild Environment Rescue) took place in Molveno, Trentino, from May 2nd to May 5th. The event, organized by the National Medical School of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps, aims to provide theoretical and practical training to doctors and nurses on the treatment of injuries in mountainous and rugged environments.

The course consisted of classroom lectures on specific topics followed by practical workshops and simulations of interventions in the field, with the opportunity to use medical equipment for patient immobilization in rugged environments and to interact with manufacturing companies.

On the day dedicated to field simulations, ten different scenarios were prepared, and participants, divided into small groups, were tasked with providing medical care to the injured.

Doctors and nurses geared up to tackle the challenges of rescue missions in rugged terrains. 🚑🏔️ An experience blending theory and practice to save lives in the wilderness. SAI2024 WildernessRescueTraining MedicalEducation 🌟


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