🇺🇸The Global Summit

🇺🇸The Global Summit is over and I have to thank a lot of people, so I’ll give you a heads up, this post will be very long, don’t read it all! 😊


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First of all, I thank my travel companions Federica Cavicchi, Claudia Alberghini and Diego Maltenti, thank you guys! You did a wonderful job without stopping for a moment, I’m happy to work in a team like yours! 💪🏻💪🏻
Jay Mann, my first, and perhaps only 😅, fan! Wow, thank you Jay, you made me feel famous for 5 minutes 😅.
My dear friend Ceserina Thomson a force, what would I do without you?
My “big brother” who emigrated to Germany Sascha Ennenbach if you want to know the whole story Joe Bourgraf knows it 😅
Mr. Rescue, aka R.B (Brent) Fairweather who never stops and is our rescue superhero.🦹‍♂️
Vickie Giannetti, Zane Hartsell and Rick Walker without whom this event would not have been possible.
Thanks to the nicest and kindest South Americans ever: Fernando Zanforlin Prohens and José Leonidas Herbozo García
Kelley Nakoff and Reno Graff now we have proof that you are real 😂 after years of emails, it was a pleasure to meet you in person!

Thank you all, it’s always nice to have the chance to meet in person, you made these days special.

Jon Ellis, Silvia Vancova, MBA, Eric Salyers, PHR, Rodney Gullette, Renee LaPine, Robin, Robin Lim ,Mark Tseng , Lai Leo, Lin Peter,Tony greenwood, Carson Chinn, Leigh O’Brien,Alejandro De La Llave Suela, Joaquin Hidalgo Villaescusa Justin Kruger, Scott West, Andreas Kutschera, Zlatko Kvržić, Abby Fernandes, Mason Fulton, Frank Merrill, Bruce Whitaker, BJ McIlnay, MBA, Jessica Myers, Olafur Magnusson, Tushar Saigal, Melissa Muller, Jai Saigal, David Cygler, Aoki Hiroshi, Norimasa Nitta, Ziad ismail, Maya Ismail, Dennis de Krom, Steinar Bøhn, Pierre Kördel, Kent Juul Østberg, Dag Andre Gimle Johansen, Torgeir Løge, Marshal Reid, Michael Thorthon, Karen Griffiths, Cris Bourgar, Peter Kochan, Peter Peemans, Cyrille Arnaud, Karl Weber, Bartek Posmyk, Christoffer Andersson, Roncaglia Damiano

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