Exhibitions in Europe

Remember when we used to attend Trade Fairs?
For me it was a bit like this: I would arrive at the airport early in the morning with my colleagues, and we’d rent a car, all of us wearing comfortable shoes and old shirts, because we’d be setting up the stand.It was like a miniature city was taking shape… everyone all around would be preparing their own stands, with strangers helping each other out: “Have you got a screwdriver?” “Sure thing, but bring it back, okay? We’re going to need it.”
Then again, we’re Italians, and we enjoy socialising. And the aperitif/snack time when the stands have been completed always helps.
Then the next morning you encounter the same people from the day before, now looking “presentable” in jackets and ties, or their company uniforms. And everyone’s ready when the gates open at 9 o’clock, and the visitors make their way in…Those were such wonderful times… having the opportunity to talk with the users of our devices, hearing about their experiences and gathering feedback. I miss it. I miss it a lot!
We’re looking forward to resuming these activities as soon as possible. These are the trade fairs that I used to attend in Europe. 
Did you attend trade fairs often? What do you miss most about these events?

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