Inside Sanivet

I could sum it up like this: “It was a fantastic experience!”

But then I would also have to repeat the sentence ad infinitum because saying it once would not be enough.

So let’s start again from ‘It was a fantastic experience’.  It was because we at Team Ferno – together with professionals from Naemt Italia – had the honour and pleasure of holding the training ‘Techniques for handling and stabilising traumatised patients’ at the Rome Military Veterinary and Medical School (SANIVET).

Once again, the collaboration between the worlds of civilian and military professionals has resulted in a wonderful synergy rich in content.

As Ferno, we taught the trainees the correct use of our devices for handling the traumatised patient, but at the same time we treasured the advice we received. It’s worth saying: “we went to teach but at the same time we learnt important things to work on”, this only happens when you are collaborating with great people.

Here you will find a brief summary of the day.

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