RETTMOBIL 2023 – Video

🚨Didn’t you get the chance to come to RETTmobil? Don’t worry, we’ll take you on a tour at the Ferno booth!🚨

Thanks to all colleagues who participated at the event and a particular thank you to our host, Ferno Transportgeräte!

See you next year!😊

Special thanks to:
Ferno EMS, Jim West, Jon Ellis,Renee LaPine, Silvia Vancova, MBA,Scott West,R.B (Brent) Fairweather,Vickie Giannetti,Sascha Ennenbach,Pierre Kördel,Lars Melby,Marshall Reid,Claudia Alberghini,Fabio Marzani,Patrik Thornström,Leigh O’Brien,Bernard Dalton, Enrico Carletti.

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