Find your why

And you, have you found your “why” ?
If you haven’t found it yet, before you read further, buy Simon Sinek’s book “Start with why”, or watch one of his wonderful speeches on Ted Talks.I tried to sum up his vision here but, why do it ?When he manages to do it so well.I must have seen his speech thousands of times. And every time I learn something new.No, sorry, I can’t sum it up. It would be like trying to sketch the Monna Lisa, bearing in mind that a 6-year-old draws better than me! ????
All I can do is suggest you watch/read it and, I promise, you will never be the same again!
But let’s get back to us.I love my job. I really do.But like all jobs, it involves meetings (not all of them interesting, let’s be honest, sometimes a little boring) and problems to solve rapidly, and things don’t always go as planned.
The risk is that while sitting at your desk, the monotony or myriad of things you have to do shifts your focus, in other words, it distracts you from what you should never lose sight of – the “Why” you are doing it.

It was July and I was in the Dolomites working on a military drill.My colleagues and I were tasked with giving a demo of our rescue devices.A really fantastic drill with helicopters and special forces that showed what they were capable of doing.
This drill took place at the top of a mountain opposite another huge mountain, to reach the viewing point it was a 20-minute walk over tricky terrain.
Anyway, that day we met a boy and his dad.This boy, because of a series of disabilities, was unable to walk.So, the father asked us to help him carry his son up to the viewing point, in order to watch the drill.
With the help of two soldiers and our Tirol Kit we managed to reach the top of the mountain and guess who was happy to see the entire drill from up close for the first time?
Going back to the “why” of my work: it can improve people’s lives.

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