Marketing language can often involve the use of grandiose terminology. “In every situation”, “always”, and “ready for anything” are just three common examples used in advertisements. Then there are those really talented individuals whose rounded and high-sounding phrases leave you dumbfounded, and in front of a futuristic billboard followed by absolutely nothing of what was promised. 
This is called jargon speech, or marketinghese. Put simply, this is pretend talk. It comprises many attractive words that do not correspond to reality. 
I have never liked this way of acting. I believe that one has to work really hard not to be overwhelmed by competitors who may misuse those words to make themselves look good on paper but not in real life.
Undeniably, spending on research and testing costs much more than spending on promotions and unfounded advertising. Fortunately, the new MDR comes to the rescue of companies. In fact, from 2021 everything that is stated in an advertising leaflet will have to be proven. For example, we decided to use ‘in any situation’ only for Ferno XT. Because we really tried it in every situation
There are very few extrication devices that have the opportunity to be tested by the Fire Brigade, Military, Water Rescue, and Mountain Rescue. 
Ferno XT hasn’t been tested in space yet, but don’t worry, we’ll get there! ✨????✨

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